Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This shoe company from Brazil is sick!!! they are doing big things all over the planet, but people dont realize yet,so keep your eyes open OUS is coming to stay organicly made from Brazil.

BARCELONA COM R$31 POR DIA. from ÖUS on Vimeo.



  1. e kenti memo essa dai e uma que tem a ideia diferente porque aqui no braza esta osso !
    essa sim esta de parabens

  2. Dude, andre, thanks for posting this!

    I was searching all over the internet for the name of this brand and finally stumbled on it here. It was SO HARD to find using keywords like skateshoe company brazil (which turned up nothing). Then i tried spanish and portuguese words; nothing. Then i finally tried "new skateshoe company from brazil" and landed on your blog.

    OUS is soooooo dope!!! They really have something amazing going on.

    The people over at Thrasher and Transworld (etc) need to globalize more and feature more companies from other countries and show what skateboarding truly is around the world now. It's not just Americans.

    By the way, I've seen some of your videos man! Good stuff. I just watched your Hurley Commercial with the BS 180 Nose Grind.

    It's cool to see pros actually doing things online and hyping the skate scene up like you do here on your blog. A lot of pros don't have an online identity at all and the companies actually fake their profiles on facebook, etc. It's cool to see someone actually involved in the production side of things.

    Hey, here's another company you might like to peep, that I ride for. The shoes are Made in Peru. We're brand new and really trying to make some good things happen like OUS: BettaFootwear.com

    Drop us a line or two!

    Again, thanks for posting this man! I'm going to post it on my blog when I start one too, soon.

    Alright, stay up!